Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Birth of a New Game!

What happens when someone loves two games and 'cross breeds' them? 
Well, you get a new game!
Raghav loves Mine Craft and Chess, and so he came up with a new game called 'King on King Battle'!

Because he felt that in Chess, the kings never get to fight each other 'properly' and have limited moves, and so he wanted to think of a game where the Kings would have more to do.
Here are the rules... briefly 

(he is still playing, checking out and reworking the rules to make it more fun and challenging)
1. You
first play chess, almost as usual - only that you allow your opponent to cut all your coins, watching him and cheering him as he destroys all your coins - except for the king and queen (I figured that this is so that the first half of the battle gets done fast!)

2. Once one person's coins are all cut, he can use his queen to demolish the opponent's coins, until only his queen and king are left.

2.You continue to play with the usual rules, with only the kings and queens on the board, until both the queens are destroyed.

3. Then the King on King Battle starts!
- each king has five 'hearts' or lives (this is where the Mine Craft idea comes in!)
- each king can summon a horse (only one of his horses is allowed on the board at any given time) to help him fight at any time
- the king can move up to 2 spaces at a time, but can cut now only diagonally - like the bishop (more power to the king!)
- there is no checkmate in this game. You only have to put the king on check five times to win. You can use the services of your horse for this.

It was great fun! ....and I loved the conversations we had about how much power to give the king and why, what was fair, what was unfair and of course the birth of a new avatar for the king:)

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