Thursday, September 4, 2014

Slowness Helps

After months and months of hibernation of sorts, by withdrawing from everything else and immersing himself deep into only Mine Craft, the 'seasons' they are a-changing, in this part of the planet :)
While it is probably autumn in many parts of the world, I can see and smell all the colours and fragrances of spring out here! For Raghav has been up and about over the last few days, exploring all kinds of things (some old and some new), bubbling with a new release of energy and enthusiasm.

Today, after several months, he took out his huge collection of small cars, examining each one, pretending to race with them and making up stories and dialogues with each one, while I was asked to watch . At the end of the day, he came up to me and said this:

"Amma, do you know something? Most people would think that in a race, only the fast car can win, and the slow car can never win. But actually, the slow car has an advantage. It can win. A fast car can speed up real fast on straight stretches of the track, overtaking all the other cars. But a slow car can actually do better at bends. Do you know why? While a fast car is going so fast and has to make an effort to brake suddenly and sharply at the bend, a slow car can very easily take the bend and even overtake the other car. It can even win sometimes. Its slowness helps." :)

Simple yet profound words from a nine year old, who finds his own truth by living it. He is not one who will take another's words as 'the truth' easily. He has to immerse his whole self into his life, enjoy it, struggle, let it all sink in and simmer slowly inside for as long as it takes, until it explodes quietly one fine day, in the most unexpected moment.....when your heart will skip a beat, pause, smile and say to itself - "Hey, this seems so true!"

When you soak in the slowness of being, of life; when you pause and hold things inside, letting them simmer for a while, the aroma and taste of that learning is both divine and unforgettable for its simplicity.

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