Tuesday, January 4, 2011


At 5:30 every evening, our doorbell rings promptly and Raghav knows exactly who that would be! His friend Neel - an 8 year old boy in our apartment complex. Both have one common like - LEGO! Neel many a times, even fore goes playing with his friends outside, to come home and build some things with Raghav's lego. Most often, Raghav is ok with sharing his Lego - I guess because he trusts Neel - knows that he understands how to handle it. That is very important to Raghav if he has to share something with someone.

Today, Raghav wanted to go down after a while to play and wanted Neel to play outside with him, but Neel was too interested in the Lego to go down, and tried to come up with so many reasons for not going. Finally, he said "Raghav, but there is noone there to play with. You need many children right to play with outside?"

Raghav promptly replied:" No! I don't!I don't need too many children. I am still not okay with playing with children outside.....I am still learning to do that......but I am okay to play with children at home. So, if you come down with me, we'll play."

I was absolutely amazed at the clarity with which he spoke about himself. He seems to know himself inside out, while here I am learning something new from him everyday, and still getting to understand him.

After about 10 months of homeschooling, he is showing me how much he has understood his strengths and difficulties. I am glad we took time off to do this. I am so happy and proud of what we have learnt so far in this journey together......