Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Invisible card

We were talking about making a thank you card for someone in the family. Raghav was keen to make one, but could not wait for me to finish off something before helping him get his pens and crayons.... so he promptly told me this:

"Amma! I have a brilliant idea! I will make an invisible card with this white paper. So I don't need any pens or crayons......I will just give this to them when they come and tell them that they have to find out what I have drawn and where!"

Now how can I have a child like this go to school you think?? Can you imagine what would happen if the teacher gave him a test or an exam sometime later on in life? I expect he would say: "How come you can't read the answers? I wrote them with invisible ink!" (or something like that!)