We are an unschooling family with a 9 year old son. We are unschoolers / life learners and have been on this journey from April 2010. Together we celebrate, share and co-create our journey with ourselves and our son....a journey that has no road-map....where we wait, watch and celebrate every day as it unfolds, with all its joys and challenges. We do not follow any external curriculum, but rather the inner curriculum that drives our child. He is a self learner and our days are spent exploring things that he wants to at that moment, in a way that he wants to explore, with us playing the role of facilitators, listeners and co-learners.

Thank you for stopping by and "exchanging some atoms" with us, by coming into our space! We hope you enjoyed being here and look forward to your coming again! Do also remember to share what you learn as you go along, with others who may touch your life, so that we can all "exchange atoms"and change our lives and those of others, in our own little ways.
Thank you! 

Do feel free to write to me at prisri30@yahoo.com

- Priya Desikan



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  2. Hi Priya,

    Saw your reference on homeschoolers.in blog. We moved to Pune, India after 17 years in the US. My son Dhruv is 12 and in 7th grade attending an ICSE school in Pune. Another two parent couples who have come back to india just like us from Canada and Autralia respectively will be joining hands in pursuing this homeschooling for our kids. Like most homeschooling parents, we have concluded that a school is not worth kids time. Much of what is taught as school can be covered at home in a 2-3 months as per statistics from some close friends who have homeschooled their kids and also from Rishi Gurukulum. This way we could add basic life skills and spirituality and vedic education also in a big way to enhance their education and nurture their character holistically.

    Whats the problem we are facing currently:
    Dhruv did not have the option of learning hindi and sanskrit while in US until 6th grade. We would hence not like to load him with language pressures but have him focus on Sanskrit (with or without an exam) and give him core academics English, Math, Science, and Civics along with History and Geo (if required). Neither board allows that except for NIOS and IGCSE.

    What we need from you:
    We would really like to get your feedback on NIOS vs IGCSE pros and cons and possibly other alternatives you may suggest to address our challenge.

    What additional value are we providing:
    Additionally, our spiritual mentor will be teaching vedic texts with devotional and service attitude, and arranging for basic life skills, while we will provide him with martial arts (he is black belt inTae Kwondo already), Music, and soccer.

    I will look forward to hearing from you.

    Sincere regards
    Rajesh Nayak

  3. Hi Priya,my son is 5 yrs and is lust sound similar to yours. I am near shollinganallur. Are you by any chance in chennai so I can meet you and your son? I am interested in homeschooling my son and want to see and believe and learn more from you. Looking forward for your reply. Please help.


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