Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lego and Measuring Fun!

Raghav decided that he was getting back to Lego today and was all excited to build a space centre and launch pad to display for Navaratri (he had already built the space shuttle a few months ago). As he was finishing, he realised that the control centre needed a huge radar dish, which he did not have ready in Lego.

So he decided to make one. It had to be a giant one! While he was building it with the Lego pieces he had, he realised that it hardly looked like a radar dish and was more like a giant flower :)....but he really wanted to make it look like one. I suggested we use paper to cover the gaps, and he agreed to give it a try. So here is what he set out to was challenging and fun! And he figured out that there was so much measurement involved :) He wanted a perfect circle and since we could not find anything around the house that matched the size exactly, out came the ruler and the compass (from the ancient geometry box), for the first time in all these years!

the basic structure for the radar dish
made with lego
measuring the outer radius

adjusting the compass to get the radius
done! - got the exact measurement

drawing the outer circle with the compass
drawing the inner circle
after measuring it in the same way
immersed in cutting

cutting the outer circle
cutting the inner circle
all the cutting done!
checking to see how it fits
fixing the paper onto
the lego structure with cellotape
all stuck!

bending it to look like a radar dish
cutting another one for the back side

fixing loops of cellotape
sticking the second circle onto the back
bending the structure to resemble a dish

it worked!
the giant radar dish is fixed!

mission accomplished!

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