If you would like to connect with other homeschoolers/unschoolers, the following are the online communities in India.
Do make use of the ones that suit you best.
Official Website of Swashikshan - Indian Association of Homeschoolers is the official website. It is open to all. Newcomers, media persons, visitors etc. are directed here.
What you can do to make it come alive - contribute articles, links to your blogs on homeschooling, other interesting links, general homeschool information, resource persons, classes, workshops and activities in your city/area...
You can send all this and more (that you feel will be interesting and relevant) to the editorial team for uploading.
Other Online Forums
  • is the official discussion group for homeschoolers only where we discuss everything under the sun that affects us and our families. Also when there is a national event, a lot of the communication has been happening there. 
  • There is also punehomeschoolers@googlegroups.There are regional groups in Bangalore and Chennai too....and you can start your own google group too for your own community in your area! But do keep us informed so we can add it in here!


  1. Hello Madam.

    I am Samhita and I write from Bangalore. I have known about the concept of homeschooling for a long time, but have recently become keenly interested in the topic. I plan to write a paper on homeschooling, its advantages, the elimination of its perceived disadvantages and about it being the need of the hour for certain sections of the society today.

    Can you please guide me as to what the homeschooling community feel about this? What structure would you like? How much flexibility would you like? Would you like ready made teaching materials delivered to your doorstep? Would you like ease of functionality with regarding to ease of examinations and contacting other schools as a private candidate?

    Do consider my queries and answer them as you deem fit.

    With Warm Regards

  2. Hi Priya, since I am a mother of 1.9year old child, out of my curiosity and seeing unpleasant scenario in schools I am thinking to homeschool my child. Don't know what are the advantages, disadvantages or even will I be able to do so...i would be grateful if you can share your journey of homeschooling...apart from this I will go through the links and websites you have shared here. Thank you.


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