Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Pauses. I love the pauses that hold my heart through the little rocks along the course of a river that flows the string that guides the kite in the sky.

Yesterday was a busy and fun day with my son as he set down to putting an idea of his into action, and then planned his talk - the seeds for which were sown by him more than a year ago. During the course of our conversation, we were discussing about how space shuttles take off and land or return to the earth. I realised how much I did not know and sat down to Google some information about it, to find an answer to my question.

We stumbled upon two videos of space shuttles Discovery and STS- 22 landing and returning to earth after their successful missions. It was amazing for both of us to watch and feel the joy of the human spirit at work. We watched beaming from ear to ear - two children wonder-struck and thrilled to bits at the marvel of that incredible engineering feat - of putting something into space and then making sure it got back here safely. The pictures of the earth taken as the shuttle was landing were absolutely stunning. And as the shuttle descended, here was my son giving me a running commentary on the different layers of the atmosphere it was passing through. At one point, the body of the shuttle seemed to be aflame.
"See...that is why the mesosphere is so important. It burns away all metal and rock. It protects us from meteorites and harmful radiation from the sun," he said.

While I expressed my amazement at the human feat to my son, his eyes drifted off to the distant ocean and the pale blue sky outside, and he smiled to himself saying: "What a special planet we live on....what an amazing planet our Earth is! I love space....I love the Universe and I love our earth."
My heart broke open with love and joy, and so did his.....I could see it in his eyes....the sheer joy of a union of spirit....the spirit that knows only how to love.

Pauses do this to you. They break you open. They break the flow so you can feel love and joy in an unfathomable way. They are the spaces that dig deep, where you sink and touch that space of togetherness and incredible joy, even if for a moment. They bring you back to the moment.

If only we can pause more often....if only we can let those eyes that seek something constantly, that are trained so hard to 'concentrate' and 'focus', drift to where they want to...for in that space, in that moment is where the heart breaks open; that is where dreams are born; that is where we feel the joy of being alive...

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