Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snowflakes, Spiders, Tails and Antlers!

This morning I was lazing on the beanbag and listening to Raghav (who had just woken up) talk incessantly without giving himself or me a breather :) I love being privy to these precious conversations that make me come back to the moment....that make me forget all the "shoulds" and "should nots", things to be done and those left undone. Everything else could wait. I hadn't taken a shower and it was almost 11am, there were dishes piled in the sink, I still had to finish some cooking....but all those could wait. Why would I think of those when I could fly with him on his thoughts, into a refreshing world of wonder, story telling and imagination?!

He was asking me what Christmas craft we could do today....yes, he has been enjoying doing little bits of art and craft, to decorate our living room for the Christmas season - somehow Christmas always seems to inspire and excite him more than any other festival. So I reminded him of the paper snowflake he had cut out and made, which he had wanted to decorate with glitter glue. I jokingly told him how it had been lying on the table for more than a week now, and was gathering dust and could even attract spiders!

We went on to wonder about how spiders' webs withstand gusty winds, how they hang from such a thin delicate strand of thread and how they spin their webs for days on end, facing so many obstacles. He recalled what he had read in a book about how a spider spin its web with an organ that is located near its rear and went on to speak about tarantulas and other kinds of spiders.

Perhaps triggered by the word "rear" or "behind", he moved on to talking about "tails"! "What would you do if you had a long tail like a monkey or a squirrel amma?", he asked with a smile. I thought for a moment and then said : " Ah! I can swat mosquitoes with ease, especially those that bother me from behind!" We laughed and laughed thinking about how that would be and feel :) He shared how he could get something from another room with his long tail, without moving an inch! When I asked how he would know where that thing was, without looking there, he said: "Oh! I will stick some googly eyes at the end of my tail!"  :)
"What if you had a small squiggly tail like a pig? What would you do?", he asked. I couldn't think of anything and said I didn't know. "Then why do pigs have tails?" we wondered together....

"What if you had huge horns or antlers like a rhino or a reindeer?", was his next question.
"I can hang all my things on it instead of carrying things in a bag!", I replied with the inner child in me fully awake and about now! And then we both giggled picturing the whole thing.
We then laughed about how we wouldn't be able to lie down and sleep and perhaps had to stand and sleep, if we had huge antlers that kept getting in the way of other people. :)

A funny, imaginative, fun start to yet another wonderful day in our journey!
And I so love the way the thought train stops at all these beautiful places now and then....taking me on a ride that is just too precious to give up for anything else in my life at that moment.

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  1. lovely post.especially loved the part about antlers being a replacement for a lady's handbag.i can picture a Disney imagineer thinking on these same lines and ending up with an animation movie about reindeers.
    enjoyed reading. thanks for posting.


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