Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How a nine year old saved the day!

Today was a trying day for me and Raghav as there were many outbursts of emotions for him and I had a lot of listening to do, besides a horde of other things with the kids and around the house....that by the evening I was kind of pooped to think straight even.

Raghav needs to watch something while he eats a meal, and my 4 1/2 year old nephew who is here now, wanted to do the same, much against his mother's rules with screen time. After a lot of argument with his mom, he got his way. But R wanted to eat at the same time, and wanted to watch and eat too, like him. The problem however, was that both wanted to watch different DVDs and on the same TV! Neither wanted to arrive at a compromise. Each wanted to have his way. My neighbour's kids were there too and were watching the arguments with keen interest.

I was too tired to think creatively and beyond the usual lines that moms dole out or suggest - about taking turns, or choosing a mutually agreeable DVD to watch and so on. I then suggested that we had three ways in which each of them could watch their DVDs - the  TV, my laptop and R's computer, and that they could choose one of those. Again both of them wanted to watch only on TV! Stalemate again! Phew! It was getting a bit much for me to handle and I wanted to give up....

Just then, my 9 year old neighbour, came to my rescue. She asked my little nephew what was more important to him - watching the movie or watching it on TV. He agreed that he just wanted to watch it. So she suggested that since the TV was the one that was not letting them decide, they should skip that, and instead choose between the two computers, to watch their movies on. Immediately, both chose the respective computers, and the problem that was bearing down on us for so long, was solved! All it took was some logic and creativity from a little nine year old!

I thanked her profusely for the solution that she had come up with and filled my heart with gratitude for little angels like her, who come my way in so many forms, now and then, to guide me and show me the way, when I am tired or lost!

I don't mind learning from a nine year old, or a baby, or anyone for that matter.....how about you? :)


  1. When I read till the stalemate part of this post, I stopped reading and started thinking, I would have yelled at both the kids or punished them or walked off.On reading further, I had my mouth open as I realized what a solution centric girl this 9 year old girl is while I am such a problem centric person.I now have lots of respect for this girl.



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