Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hey, I Shrunk the City!

When Raghav was all inspired to build and create a mini Lego city, the words that came up in my head at first thought were these - "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!" ....and yes, whenever Raghav builds a mini city like this one, both of us sit back and admire it and wish we could shrink, get into it and explore it....I am sure you will too, when you take a look at this little piece of art :)

So here are some of the pictures I took of his mini Lego city, which according to him is a mix of Lisbon in Portugal, Malaysia and Pondicherry :) - a really heady mix that must be!

And yes, when he is finished with his work of art, I become his playmate, as we pretend and weave stories while we decide to explore the Petronas Towers and overcome our fear of heights, look down and marvel at the engineering feat of the double-decker highway from the Maglev train, watch a rocket launch live, take a trip to the lighthouse on the little island off the beach, and sit down for a bite at the little beach cafe on the Promenade...the world of make-believe is filled with adventure and fun! :)

So why don't you take a trip into our little world and stop for a moment to have some fun too? :)

The Mini Lego City!

The airport - can you spot the two planes, the air traffic control, the runway, the airport bus, the tanker and the cargo loader?

The building site - with tower cranes, a mobile crane, and trucks...

The Rocket Launch Station -
with parking area, a rocket that can slide along to the launchpad, and a satellite dish for communication.

A closer look....

The double-decker highway - Can you spot the Maglev train, a long flat-bed truck, a lorry, and some cars on the highway below?

Can you find the Petronas Tower, a block of apartments, a Hotel with a "H" signboard, a garden, row houses and a mail truck?

The beach - with a jetty, beach cafe, ships and a lighthouse on an island...

A tower crane loading a ship, the Promenade with some old heritage buildings, including a clock tower, a police station in blue, a fire station in red...

A cricket stadium with floodlights and a shop with shopping bags as a signboard....

The garden with a banyan tree, a fountain in the middle, row houses and a mail truck!

The fire station with two shiny firetrucks, heritage buildings and a clock tower.

The Police Station and the Promenade....can you spot the cafe on the beach a la Pondicherry? :)

Another view of the city, with a six lane highway and a flyover...with a good view of the Petronas Towers!

The traffic on the highway and a windmill for renewable energy :)

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  1. i love mini cities and all Lego creations that are minimalist. love this!


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