Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I buried the ant!

Raghav came hurriedly to me this morning and said, "amma, you know....I was pushing my car on the floor and by mistake I went over an ant. The ant died......I am very sad........and then I buried it."

I asked him why he had buried it and he promptly said, "amma.....if something dies we bury it no? That is why I buried it"

"How did you bury it and where?", I asked.

"Right here amma! I took a piece of cellotape and stuck the ant to the floor!"

Children really do think of the weirdest of things and in most unexpected ways!

Well, anyway, following this was a serious discussion on what different people of different faiths do to the dead and why and so on.....and I realised how I had never questioned so many customs through all those years of growing up, but now I had to and also read up more on this to find a satisfactory answer for him!

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