Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Raghav's story - Big Bird

The Big Bird

One Day Big Bird went out to the meadow. Then, the biggest and most colourful mouse came along. Big Bird went to the mouse and gave it a kiss because she liked the mouse. The chick came and played near her mother. Then a little car came along and took everyone for a ride. But the chick was very naughty in the car. The Big Bird didn’t think it was fun at all to play in the car.

There was another little animal in the car. Who was that little animal? It was a cat! The cat bit the chick’s leg and the chick saw a scratch on her leg. Then she started crying. Then Big Bird said, “I think you have to go to the hospital.” So she went to the hospital. The doctor took a big injection and pushed it into her body. Then the doctor pushed the scratch out and it became okay.

Then Big Bird took the chick to a village. Big Bird said, “Please be careful and watch out for a house. We can gop and eat there.” Then they found a house and ate there. They ate lots of leaves. The Big Bird then took the chick back to the car. The car went to Neelangarai and they got off there.

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  1. that's actually a movie director's delight no? how picturesque the story and the details! i love it all coming back to neelangarai :)


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