Tuesday, September 21, 2010

some random comments from Raghav

"Amma, the eye is like a camera – when it sees something, it takes a picture.....inside the eye, the picture comes upside down, then the brain corrects it!" - this was after he had internalized what I had read to him about the eye from a book on the human body - just once!


Srinath: " Thatha thinks that you should learn a language called Sanskrit....will you learn it?"

Raghav's prompt reply: "Appa, why doesn’t anyone talk Sanskrit? If you and amma talk Sanskrit I will learn!"


"I don’t like teachers because they always say that I have to do a particular thing at a particular time."


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  1. there's a song that goes "wish i were a camera, i wish it all the time; gives my eyes a reason, gives my life a rhyme" i think raghav is totally into finding a rhyme & reason for the small wonderful things in life. enjoy!


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