Friday, November 19, 2010

Raghav's theories

I was reading a book that we had got from the library - Geography and Maps for kids - this seems to be Raghav's area of interest now by the way - and Raghav chose a question as to why and how typhoons / storms occur. The entire book is like a "Tell me Why / How" book, but has loads of visuals and some cartoons and stuff that makes it great fun! Raghav loves this book!

We were talking about warm, moist air and dry, cool air and how one rises up and the other one takes its place.......he immediately internalised it and organised this information by talking about the AC room he sleeps in and how if we leave the door open when the AC is on, the room would not get cool and so on....Then, we spoke about spiralling wind, fast speed wind and he drew a similarity to the water spinning around in a bucket of water, when he moved his hand fast in the water round and round.....creating a funnel shape / spiral...and suddenly he said this - "amma, do you know why the Earth spins around? It is because the wind moves so fast!"

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