Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wait Until Dark!

One of  Raghav's dreams has been to drive his remote controlled cars - a Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari, with his father, on a long stretch of concrete and in the dark!....only because he wants to admire his car's shining headlights in the darkness of the night :) I love all the details that he makes sure to add to his dreams, to spice them up a bit more.

This evening, Srinath came home early and so Raghav made his plans :) He put the rechargeable battery on charge, set an alarm on my phone to remind himself when to take it off charge, and made a plan with his dad about what they would do downstairs...and I made my own plan to take pictures of them.

They found a parking lot at the back of our building, where hardly any cars come along, and were on the job! Raghav drove his dream car, while the 53 year old kid drove the Ferrari :) The obscure, drab parking lot suddenly came alive with the sounds of the two "super cars"!...with a Drag race in the dark, Time Trial (where each car is timed for a particular distance that it travels) and a Tug-of-War (where he tied a rope from one car to the other, and each person reversed his car to pull), I was witness to a game that was a cross between Real Racing 3 and the Clarkson's series :) - we got DVDs of his TV series from British Council Library.

Here are some pictures that I took from above while eavesdropping :)

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  1. I dont think I will have the patience to race cars with my kid.Kudos to Raghav's Dad for giving his time to the kid.Looks like they had fun.



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