Thursday, January 16, 2014

What do Lasagna and Geography have in common??

Yes. What do Lasagne and Geography have in common - you may wonder?...I am beginning to learn that these connections are difficult to make, often only for us adults, as we have set patterns of thinking and doing, unlike children who are constantly adapting to and learning from and with their environment.

This afternoon, we were at a restaurant to have lunch with an old friend and colleague of my husband, who had come down from Delhi. Raghav had ordered some lasagna, which was brought piping hot. So he was waiting for it to cool. While watching it sitting in front of him, he observed : "You know what the cheesy crust reminds me of? It looks like the pointed peaks of tall mountains, jutting out above the floating clouds!" Then he dug into it with his fork and watched the steam coming out from it saying: " See...the crust on the lasagna is trapping the heat, just like the earth's crust traps heat, which comes out sometimes from cracks in it, as magma or if the earth did not have a crust, maybe the heat will not get trapped!"

He breathed life into three lifeless adults with those words! I woke up and started eating my food with a new-found joy.

Connections.  Connecting with people, words, things, feelings, and everything else....that is what makes up the fabric of our lives.

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  1. Connecting the Earth and Lasagna.Wonderful.What a creative little thinker you have here.Amazing.



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