Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rhyme Time!

We just got back last evening from the first ever India Homeschoolers' Conference at Khandala and were slowly catching up on our washing, shopping for groceries and veggies, cleaning the house, cooking....Raghav wanted to just chill and explore some new iPad apps that he had downloaded while exchanging some notes with some of his friends at the IHC...he then came up to me and showed me some of those apps and how he plays them.....while we were talking, I happened to say something that rhymed, and Raghav immediately caught on, wanting to make up his own rhymes! It was fun to talk in rhymes and as I was hanging the clothes to dry or cooking lunch, here are a few that he came up with all on his own.....and boy was it wonderful to see his eyes light up with the discoveries and creations he had just made! :)

When a fish
gets a wish,
it becomes a dish!

I heard you rhyme
two hundred times!

If I look
I get a book!
It's free, will you see?

P.S. The only book of poetry that I know he has read is Shel Silverstein!...this unschooling journey never ceases to amaze me....sometimes in ways that I cannot comprehend!

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