Monday, March 25, 2013

Feeling Connected

Feeling very connected today as I started the day with Deepak Chopra's meditation Day 12 - Connecting for Balance....then Raghav and I cooked some things together....we made cornflakes cookies, and then he mashed some potatoes to fill dahi puris.... Raghav loves mashing potatoes! So while doing that he created potato volcanoes and avalanches (with sound effects) and made videos of them erupting and moving that he wanted me to capture on camera! Soon, he plugged in the iPod and started playing his favourite Kailash Kher songs....then he sang and danced to some songs which we hadn't heard in a while, while I sat down and kept beat with drums and shakers from our collection....and then, he played one of our favourite songs - Tu Jaane Na....we sat together, holding and hugging each other as we sang it out loud....I felt a deep sense of peace and gratitude wash over me....I feel very grateful, contented, connected and balanced have connected with my son in so many ways!

Here is the recipe for the cornflake cookies that we made:

Here are videos of the potato volcano and avalanche!:


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