Monday, March 11, 2013

Of Thoughts, Manifestations and Connections

This has happened to us so many many times before, that I now really and truly believe in it so much....that thoughts can make things manifest in ways that you cannot even imagine.....and just a few days ago, I came across this beautiful quote on Facebook which said :
"Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize"

I don't know if we consciously make an effort to believe in something so much, or whether it just happens as if on its own....but many a time, little things like getting a book we really needed to read at a point, meeting someone to get a perspective on what we are curious about now and so on, just seem to happen quite effortlessly over and over again.

Today, was yet another day like that. We had to go return some of the overdue books and DVDs at the British Council Library. Last night, Raghav had searched for an iPad app with planes, on his own (perhaps after our recent trip by plane to Pune), and he found quite a few apps - one was about building and managing an airport, with planes taking off and landing, and the others were about being a pilot of different kinds of planes. Raghav was also telling me last night, how he thought that people invented planes after watching birds carefully, because both have wings, and compared how they took off and landed!

The other apps that he recently downloaded were about pets - one was about managing a pet hotel, another about a pet shop and yet another one about managing a farm. Ever since he started playing with these apps, he has been talking about how he would like to have this animal as a pet, and not that one, and so on.

So when we went to the library, and started looking for books, it was amazing how we almost immediately found the books, that were kind of waiting to be picked up by us! - one was all about planes - the different kinds, how they were built, how they are controlled and so on, another was about flight ( Flying Start Science - Flight - by Kim Taylor) and talked about exactly the kind of thing Raghav shared with me on observing birds in flight to get ideas about making planes and so on. It is a wonderful book with wonderful photographs, simple, easy to read text, and little experiments that kids can do at home - all connected to flying, where connections are made about wings on insects, birds, how a jelly fish uses propulsion to move, how seeds are dispersed using the parachute mechanism, how gravity is overcome, how gliding and hovering happens, etc. - and all these are related constantly to flight and planes! He also found a lovely story book about a cat who was grumpy, another book on how to take care of a cat as a pet, and yet another one about farm machines!....and all the books were related to areas that he was exploring NOW! That was really uncanny!

Sometime ago, when we were discussing our plans of going to the India Homeschoolers Conference, some of my friends in Pune very kindly offered for us to come over and stay with them. I hesitated a lot and declined their offer, as Raghav had this intense fear of dogs, and both of them had dogs at home! However, one of them happened to come down for a short trip to Auroville before the conference, and we went and spent a day with them there, with their dog too, and by the time we left there, Raghav was quite comfortable with their dog walking around him!

Soon after, we went a couple of times to a community gardening initiative, to meet up with some other homeschoolers in Chennai....and there was a dog there too! Raghav was hesitant for a little while, but by the end of the first afternoon there, he became so comfortable with that dog too - so much so that he called her his friend and even went to say a special bye to her when we left! I think these two experiences got him curious about dogs and so when he was playing on the iPad, exploring his current favourite app called "Pet Hotel", where he builds rooms for all these different pets from dogs, cats, zebras, birds, fish...he wanted to know more specifically about dogs - the Afghan Hounds, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Chihuahua, Daschund, German Shepherd, Dalmation, and many others...and so I Googled those for him....and we stumbled upon an amazing site which brought out each breed's personality, traits and so on, that both of us loved! I recalled how I had grown up with dogs from when I was a year old, but didn't really bother to find out more about them, while here was my son, slowly getting over his fear of dogs and wanting to find out so much about them! 

When we went to the conference, there was a dog at the venue, who he made friends with and even went on to pet her! Later, when we spent a day with our friends at their house, he played "Fetch"with their dog, quite fearlessly touched her tail and stroked her and was very sad to say bye to her!

There have been some amazing connections and wanderings in this journey.....and what I have shared here are just some of the countless ones that have filled our lives ever since we started this journey.....and I am very grateful to every little thought, manifestation and connection that has touched our lives...

I remember how when I was in my teens, I had dreamed of pursuing a career in metaphysics....but never did I think that those very aspects would become a part of my life and very existence - everyday, as it does today!

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