Friday, October 5, 2012

Games Galore!

Raghav has been on a game spree for the last month or more - sometimes we play game after game all day long, day after day! Chess, Ludo and Snakes and Ladders are some of his all-time favourites. On the computer, he plays Lego games, McQueen games, Chess and of late the Airtel Formula 1 game that he hopes he will win and get free tickets to this month's big race at Delhi! When he gets tired of that, there are his all-time favourite ones on the iPad - Angry Birds Space, Pitfall and Ludo of course - what we all play just before going to bed everyday! Some other games that we enjoy are the traditional shell game, Kids Act (what he likes to play with his friends), Pictionary, Four in a Row, a card game - Boggle Slam, and Pictureka ( a fun game which tests one's observation skills ).

Pitfall was something that he discovered and urged my husband to download on the iPad- only because he thinks that it was made or created in Brazil! It has a man escaping from an erupting volcano, through a jungle, past log cabins, jumping across ravines and waterfalls, escaping from attacking anacondas that have to be whipped to save oneself, jaguars that jump onto his back to give him more power, macaws tokens that one can earn and use for more speed and power. The setting, the animals and birds in the game make it unquestionable (for him!) that the game was born in Brazil - his current favourite country! Raghav is unstoppable when he plays this one and has beaten his father outright! When they meet (now mostly on weekends - because my husband is away on work for most of the week), it is both fun and heart-warming to hear them catch up on each other's scores, levels broken and tokens earned! On weekends, we usually have Pitfall for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Raghav insists that my husband plays it while he eats, watches him play and gives him tips on what to do and what not to do! Raghav has been also very determined to note down and maintain a record of sorts of his own scores every time. So we have a diary where we keep track of his scores - he writes them down sometimes, and we do it for him at other times. The need to write things down to remember came from him and thus began his journey into keeping a journal!

Recently, we got him a book on Lego ideas that he absolutely treasures! He sits with it as soon as he wakes up sometimes, or while eating lunch / breakfast - poring over the pages slowly and carefully. He loved it when they had a section for building board games with Lego and immediately got down to building that! Soon, we were playing his Lego Ludo and Chess that he said were really good for holiday trips in cars, as none of the pieces would move or fall down on their own because they were made of Lego!

Here is a picture of the mini Chess board that he made with Lego -

Chess has been his passion of late and we have spent days playing just that in various ways! (But that would need a separate post!)

He has had this fascination to build mini Lego things and was absolutely blown away by this idea of a mini chess board that he found in the book! The book has no instructions on how to build stuff displayed - just ideas and some pointers on how a block could be used in different ways. But it was amazing to see it take shape in the hands of my little artist, creating it with whatever blocks he had!

Then, he got down to making the Lego Ludo board! This involved a lot of planning and counting as the paths for the coins to move on had to be exact and equal. He was kicked that if two players landed on the same place, their coins could be stacked up and would not fall! And, as usual, he made his own rules for the game that kept changing depending on the current status of every player!

Here is a short video of him playing Ludo with his dad :
Playing Lego Ludo

Here is another video of Raghav playing Kids Act - a board game of charades along with his friends!
Raghav and friends!

This is a video of him playing the Airtel Formula 1 Race game!
Raghav and Racing

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  1. along with above games try to help him play Go game.Its lot better than chess.


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