Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Day at the Beach

After a long time, there was a holiday midweek and after a long time we took off on an impromptu drive towards Mahabs to spend some quiet, rejuvenating time by the seaside. We like to go to Silver Sands as it is quiet and peaceful out there - thankfully not many people know about it as yet! For a reasonably small amount, you get to use the equipment that is there - like rope ladders, tyres, beams etc. and have a private beach that is clean and beautiful!

Although we spent only a few hours, it seemed like we had been there for the entire day....I think because it was done on the spur of the moment, we all enjoyed it more and were fully present.....much like our unschooling journey.

They have a small shack where they serve food that you can order - simple, hot, lip-smacking Gujarati food and the usual snacks. While my husband and I sipped on some heavenly masala chai and devoured a chilli-cheese toast, Raghav had his own snack brought from home and then got ready to get digging in the sand.

It was a beautiful day and one that I will cherish for a long time. The special charm of spending some quiet time as a family that was not time-bound.....losing myself while I went shell-picking....finding a special one for my son......creating things together with sand ....watching and listening to the tireless waves....walking bare feet on the warm sand....the spectacular orange sunset that made our shadows grow long....the smell of the sea....my glasses moist with the salty air....and three hearts filled with peace and gratitude for these wonderful moments....

On the way back, Raghav sang loudly and happily as he listened to his favourite songs and drifted off to sleep holding on to me. It had been a  precious day at the beach - a day with each other and our own selves!

A photo collage of some moments....

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  1. Lovely, I can feel the beauty of those moments.
    The photos are not opening up...?


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