Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Our driver had not turned up for over a week and we were both quite fed up with him. We had already given him a long rope.....been generous with his taking off, timings, getting him stuff and so on. But this time, we were both quite determined to send him away. He had not called, except on the first day to say that he was unwell.

My husband who has a very low threshold of patience, took off on him yesterday when he landed up in the morning. He was angry, but was a lot more toned down than he used to be. They spent almost an hour talking and Raghav was around doing his own thing. We finally decided to give our driver one more chance.

After my husband left for work, Raghav suddenly came up to me and asked me: "So what happened amma? Has V taken appa to the office?" I said  yes and asked him why he was asking and what he thought of that. He replied saying this: "Amma, you know.... we all make mistakes. That is how we learn. I think V also made a mistake. He did not listen to you or appa. But I think what you did today was right. You should give him a chance. Even you make mistakes no? Remember you told me that day how you had made a mistake with food with me - that you did not really allow me to eat anything whenever I wanted?"

What greater reminder does one need to look within, forgive and move on?!

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