Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Raining!....It's Pouring!

After a sweltering few days here in Chennai, suddenly today, the heavens opened up! It was late evening and my husband had just come back from work. Raghav and he were busy playing chess on the iPad.....but the sound of the rain, the cool breeze and the smell of wet earth couldn't keep them away for too long! Raghav ran from one balcony to another in jubilation! "It's's pouring!" he screamed, beaming from ear to ear.

He loves to hear the rain, smell it and watch it pour down to create huge puddles of water, in which he could later "Splish, Splash, Splosh!" like Thomas the Tank Engine does, with his cycle! But he dislikes getting wet, even in a slight drizzle. "It pokes me amma!" is his usual refrain.

My husband tried his best to cajole him into splashing about outside today. "I don't like to get wet appa!...I am like Henry in my Oswald DVD", he said. That sparked a little argument - as my husband could not understand how he wouldn't like the rain, and Raghav got irritated with him for goading him to do something he didn't enjoy. As usual, I had to intervene to make them understand each other.

"Why don't you wear a raincoat Raghav?", I suggested. That was it. He took a few minutes to find it, buttoned himself up, picked up his cycle keys and was off with his father in a jiffy! I was half-way through cooking dinner and allowed them to enjoy those rare, precious moments together without me around. They obviously had fun (as you can see from the picture)!

As I clicked this photo, I realised how they had begun this journey today - from a lack of understanding of each other over a seemingly small issue - to a joyous understanding of each other, while respecting each other's needs. And I pondered over my cooking holding this thought in my head and heart - how every little thing that we say and do in this journey together, stems out of a dead habit of thinking and believing, that we hold on to so dearly.....and only when we stop to become more aware of it, question it and find our own ways of dealing with it, do we really move on and begin to enjoy it.

We are but fellow travellers in this journey with our son......and what makes it challenging and yet very rewarding is that these little everyday things that we have taken so much for granted in our growing up years, are actually the stepping stones.....that make us constantly go back deep into ourselves.....and make our lives so much more beautiful and worthwhile.

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