Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is love?

I know in my gut these days when Raghav is going to say something profound......and it happened again the same way. He asked me to lie down with him and said he wanted to talk to me before he went to sleep. I obliged and listened in......waiting for the golden words of wisdom.......and they came softly and gently as a butterfly flitting about.......and I just have to share these beautiful words from this all but  seven year old. Many a time, he has left me spellbound at his simple and profound wisdom of living. Many a time I have been left with the feeling that he is some soul trapped in the body of a seven year old - I don't know why.

This is what he said: "Loving each other is the most important thing in life amma....especially in our life. You are the most important thing in my life. I am living for you. I love you."
I asked him whether it was loving each other as in the three of us that was important. He replied: "No, it is about loving everyone. Amma, only when you love yourself first can you even think and know about loving another person. But only with me, it is different. I started loving you and then loved myself......because God made me like that."
"What is this love that you are talking about?"I asked.
"Loving is about hugging.....feeling nice about each other...." he replied.

I love learning these things all over again from children. It feels more special and meaningful. Life is not a bed of roses....there are ups and downs.......good moods and bad ones......happy moments and sad ones.........but when there are moments like this one, I know as a mother, that no matter what mistakes I have made, I have done some things right perhaps. I felt liberated today.

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  1. absolutely beautiful conversation

    blessed that you have had it so early in your journey with Raghav

    love to him and you...


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