Thursday, August 23, 2012

If I was.......

Raghav was having lunch and I was sitting with him talking. We were talking for some strange reason - about plants, when he looked outside at the money plant growing in our balcony and said, "Amma, is that a creeper?....I wonder why it is called a creeper?" I asked him what he thought, to which he replied :"I think it's because it creeps all over the place." I asked him to go closer and look for the little things (aerial roots) that help the money plant to hold on to things as it grows. He went over and counted them; running back to me he said: "Amma, see how it is growing........sooo long......hanging down.....I wish I was a money plant.....then I too can grow in any direction I want to! If I am a human being, then I can only grow in a particular way....see my legs....they cannot keep on growing long.....also my hands.....they have to grow only one way and then stop. But if I were a money plant, I can grow any way I want to!"

The conversation then drifted along to imagining ourselves to be snakes and then eagles....."If I were an eagle, then you and appa will also be eagles and we can fly wherever we want to! But we may have enemies then!.....and I will fly high up and look down at my favourite country will look so beautiful!", he said beaming.

A wish....a flight of fancy.....the pure innocence of childhood!

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