Sunday, June 14, 2015

Are we 'filled with anger' or 'angry'?

After being witness to a sudden bout of anger from his father, and giving each other the space to breathe and simply be, yesterday I got talking to Raghav again.
I asked him how he felt about it. This is what he had to say...

R: "Appa is a man filled with anger. He should be a member of the Red Lanterns!" :)

Me: "What are the Red Lanterns?"

R: "They are part of the Lego Batman app. They are creatures in the D.C. Universe which stand for the emotion 'rage' ".

Me: "So do you feel that what appa felt was rage?"

R: "No. I think his was more like anger....rage is something more intense I think."

Me: "So how come you said that he 'was a man filled with anger' and not 'an angry man'?"

R: "I don't know. It just came out that way."

And I thought to myself - maybe he will know what he already knows... some day, or maybe not.....who knows?

But it isn't often (at least for me) that one gets to hear someone describe 'a person filled with an emotion' in this way. We often make emotions personal. We get attached to them. I do that pretty often. And then we don't see the person behind it all.....we don't see Love. Perhaps he did.

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