Monday, May 26, 2014

Minecraft Love!

A few weeks ago, Raghav discovered Minecraft, all on his own, while watching some Lego Undercover videos on his iPad. I remember how he came up to me that day and excitedly shared with me his newest discovery! 

From that moment, he has been (for most parts of every day) onto watching Minecraft videos non-stop, from the moment he wakes up until the moment his eyes close! If he could, I am sure he would love to stay up all night to watch :) Such is his love for the game.

Raghav's favourite haunt these days :)

About a week ago, he announced to me that he wanted to download the Minecraft App on the iPad as he was now ready to play it. We talked about it for a while, as I wanted to be sure about whether he really wanted to play it and whether he actually liked it. It was only when I started talking to him about it that I realised that he had actually already taught himself how to play the game. "Amma, I already know how to play it. I learned by watching those videos!", he said excitedly. It was a moment that imbued the undiluted joy of self-learning.

So now that he was all set to play it, we downloaded the app and then, Raghav was lost in his own Minecraft world :)

Here are some of his amazing creations in Minecraft, in the Creative mode, which is what he is enjoying and exploring now. And I realise what a wonderful little world he has created for himself....a tree house, an underwater house where you can live in, a lighthouse, an ice-skating rink, statues, waterfalls with a view point, an ore museum, and much much more!

Here are some photos of his creations so far.....

I also see an explosion in the language he is using now! Whoever still says that the best way for kids to learn new words in a language is by reading books, is I think living in a different age and time. I am astonished at the words he has started using now, so matter-of-factually, without blinking an eye lid, and with complete understanding of the meaning - "Epic", "overwhelming",  "insane", "awesome" and many others that I cannot recall off the cuff now.

He has also been creating name boards for his creations, with much more complex words and sentences now. I was quite surprised to see him do that with no help from me. When I asked him how he knew so many words and their spellings, he very nonchalantly said :" Oh! I just learned them over time amma!" :)

Some days ago, my husband and I were listening to some of our favourite music and singing, while Raghav sat beside us playing Minecraft. It seemed to us that he was not listening or paying attention to what we were doing, as he was talking to himself about Minecraft. But all of a sudden, he put his iPad down and decided that he was going to dance to the music like some of his Minecraft characters!

Well, we would have wondered as to what Minecraft and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan could possibly have in common. But not he! :) Anything is possible with a little bit of love and quirkiness! When one has a passion for music, the other a new-found passion for Minecraft....and the third has a passion to enjoy and capture every moment, here is what we came up with - first a singing session when our newly acquired tabla came out, while Raghav played Minecraft alongside, and then Raghav danced to the music like the zombies, creepers, slime and the endermen from Minecraft, while my husband sang with Rahat! Quirky but fun, and an evening well spent! 

So much for Minecraft love :)

A Jugal Bandhi of Minecraft and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's music!

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