Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When unlearning can be joyful....

Bathroom Conversations. I love those because often that is the only time I get to talk to Raghav when he will listen to me with nothing else in mind! At other times, when we talk, it is usually he who is doing most of the talking :)

My grandmother and father came home today, to spend the day and have lunch with us. Raghav and I were in the bathroom and while I was giving him a bath, I was telling him about how much I wanted my grandmother (his great grandmother) to stay with us for a few days. I was sharing with him how much she had taken care of me as a baby, how she grew up from very young in an orphanage, how she loved food and cooking for others and how she had nine children. "She probably has a lot of interesting stories to share", I said.

"Nine children! Did she really have nine children?" he asked me, looking stunned. This was surely not the first time he was hearing that, but had obviously forgotten.

"You know, women usually have only two or three children, not more. I sure am lucky to have a 'kollu patti' (great grandmother) who has nine children!", he said, beaming happily.

"But why do you feel you are lucky?" I persisted, trying my best to get more than those words from him. But no, he would not say anything more than that. "I sure am lucky!" is all that he said and felt :)
"In those days, it was quite common to have so many children", I told him. He smiled. "Maybe....but I sure am lucky to have a kollu patti who has nine children!" was his refrain. Nothing else mattered.

Later in the afternoon, I revisited those moments with him and found out why nothing else seemed to matter. He shared with me that he had watched a video on BrainPop on Motherhood where he had learned that women usually have only two children :)....and I reveled in the thought that at least for a moment, his BrainPop world had cracked (in a happy way) just a teeny weeny bit :)

Unlearning can be joyful when YOU crack open the egg yourself!

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