Monday, March 24, 2014

A Walk in the sun....

It is getting really hot in Chennai! Another reason for Raghav to put off getting out of  the house for as long as possible! But we had to as I needed to do some urgent grocery shopping today. All we had to do was to take a 10 minute walk to Nilgiris, outside our apartment complex. Raghav continues to struggle with transitions to get out of the house especially, and so do we with him. Today, it took him almost two hours to get ready to get out for this short walk. And so, by the time we were out, it was past 12:30pm and as hot as ever!

Something told me to take an umbrella, and that proved to be a boon. He enjoyed holding it up and playing games with the wind - making a boring (for him) task like walking, just a little more fun :) For someone who is very sensitive to changes in temperature, especially the heat, a walk in the hot afternoon sun, even with an umbrella, was far from manageable. But he managed amazingly well!

On our way back, he took the umbrella from me and walked with a puzzled look on his face, changing the angles at which he was holding the umbrella, obviously doing some kind of experiment. And then all of a sudden, he gave me a short lecture on "drag" with it :)

"Amma, see....when the wind is blowing against me (into me), and I hold the umbrella in front, I can actually walk faster as I am reducing the drag."

"....and when the wind is blowing against me, and I hold the umbrella behind me, the drag increases and so I walk slower."

Moral of the story for me: Never underestimate a simple walk in the afternoon sun. :)

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