Friday, September 13, 2013

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Challenge

We were taking out the DIY Science kits that we had bought at the Science festival that we had gone to recently and were opening them to try and build a model today. Raghav was excited about building his own working model of a windmill with a real motor et al. However,  his excitement was short lived when he found out that there were no instruction booklets in any of the boxes.

"They must have forgotten to pack them in the boxes!" was his first remark.

"How will we build it then?", he exclaimed, and then came up with this:

"Ah! I know...that is why there are no instructions...because it is called Do-it-yourself!"

"...and also says challenge on the box" (Motor Motion Challenge was the name of one of the kits)...."So that is why there are no instructions....we have to figure it all out ourselves!", he
said :)

I now wish I had not told him that we could Google the name of the website given on the box  and find the instructions there....Ah! And yes, life sure would be so much more exciting and challenging without a dictionary :)

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