Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A homeschooling survey?!

A little while ago, the bell rang and Raghav rushed to open it. He loves that job! The security of our building was at the door asking if I had completed the survey form that he had given me a few days ago. I answered him in Hindi ( as that is the language he speaks) that the form did not really apply to us as our son does not go to school and that we were homeschooling him. He smiled and said ok, but asked me to fill it up anyway and hand it over.

After we shut the door, Raghav asked me what he had said. I explained it all to him - that it was a survey that wanted to find out information that would help the builders and management of the building complex we lived in, decide on what kind of school people would like here ( they are planning to start a school in our building complex).  He turned around immediately and said this:
" Why should they do a survey only on people who want a school here? They should do a survey on who are all the people who don't want to go to school also! Maybe there will be people who want to go to school and those who don't, like me! "

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