Tuesday, August 27, 2013


We are still settling down into our new house. Yes, the stuff is all put away and we can see the floor now :), but our bodies are still getting used to the new space we are in after 3 years. As you read on, you will know why.

This morning I was telling Raghav how my hand had gone automatically to one direction, in search of the light switch in the kitchen, when actually, the switch was on another side. We both laughed and then discussed at length about how sometimes we do things automatically out of habit. We spoke about how my body had gotten used to the switch being in one place and now had to get used to it being in a different place in the new house. That led to a long discussion on habits - what they are, why something becomes a habit, and how do we not make something a habit. We spoke about brushing teeth, having a bath and many such daily routines.

Finally Raghav signed off saying this: "Amma, I think when we do not think about what we are doing, is when it becomes a habit. I don't want to make anything a habit, because then I will stop thinking!"

One more lesson in mindful living :)

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