Monday, June 10, 2013

When you are in the present, you are free!

We had my grandmother and Raghav's great grandmother, staying with us for a few days....a little while ago, while I was mixing Raghav's yoghurt rice, he said: "Amma, Kollu patti mixed my yoghurt rice for me yesterday and the day before....but she always said that she will mix a little more.....even when I told her it was enough....and then it was too much for me....why does she do that?"

I shared how we had grown up on our mother and grandmother's hips, being carried around and shown things, while they fed us and most times, stuffed our mouths with food! :)

I told him a little sadly, how most often we did not have a choice in what we could eat, how much we could eat, when we could eat and how we could eat.

He smiled and told me :"Amma, but NOW you have the freedom!"

My mind was instantly brought back to the PRESENT MOMENT which IS beautiful, no matter how much it rolled back to the past out of habit :)

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