Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Two Seeing Eyes = Two Views or One Truth?

Yesterday, Raghav was as usual sitting in his tub of water after his morning bath. That is where he spends some time 'contemplating' and gets his inspiration and 'insights' :)

He grumbled a little bit about how some water went suddenly into his eye. A few minutes later, he came up with this:

"Amma, do you know that if you close one eye, and look at something in front of you with the other eye, you see one image, and if you do the same thing with the other eye, you see another image of the same thing, and that has slightly moved? It is an optical illusion because that thing hasn't really moved. And then, when you open both your eyes and look at the same thing, you see only one image. So I think, each eye sees a different view, a different image, which is then made into one image in the brain."

"How did you figure this out?" I asked, quite stunned at the way in which he described it to me!

"Oh, there is this water that went into my eye suddenly, and I had to close one eye as I could not see with it. And then I was looking at the space between my knees with one eye and then the other, and I discovered this," he said quite nonchalantly.

Some inspiration, just a tub of water can provide! :)

And I wondered to myself - 'Is that why perhaps multiple views on an issue are actually a gift? To make us see that there are actually not 'many views', but just 'one truth'? To see that it is through separation that we can experience the oneness that we all seek or have forgotten?

Well, I guess each of us has our own lessons to learn from every little thing that we experience. This has also been one of the learnings for me today.

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