Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A builder is a builder is a builder!

Raghav made a simple little card of his own (his own idea and execution) for my birthday yesterday, with a little note inside that said "You are a gift to us" :)
Here is how he described to me how he made the card:

"It is a really simple card...I wanted to make a simple one. I used this green paper because I liked the colour. I took a square base twelve bumps long and wide (Lego lingo :) ) and then kept it on this paper, drew around it with a pen, and cut it out. I made two squares like this. Then I cut strips of cello tape and used them as 'hinges' to make it into a card that will open and close like a door. I used four strips of cello tape as hinges - two inside and two outside, to make the hinges even stronger. Don't you like it?" :)

A builder is a builder is a builder, I guess.....until the time he is inspired to pursue another passion :)

Raghav LOOOVES sticky tape and its stickiness.....the one kind of stickiness that doesn't make him want to wash his hands constantly :) As a little kid he loved sticker bindis (he would stick packets and packets of them all over his forehead and belly), stickers and sticky tape. He would make loops and loops of sticky tape and keep sticking them on his fingers and peeling them off repeatedly. He loved playing with that 'stickiness'. No other. I guess he has now been able to figure out how to use his two 'loves' and blend them to create something on his own.

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