Thursday, June 12, 2014


Yesterday, Raghav woke up with thoughts of his birthday, which was coming up next month. He was telling me what he wanted to do for his birthday, who he wanted to call, and what games he wanted to create and play with his friends.

Soon, the conversation flowed into something quite different. I found myself asking him how he felt about not having his friends to play with more often, because we lived so far away from them. I asked him how he felt about it and whether he sometimes felt like moving back, close to where we used to live.

He smiled at me and said,"Yes, I do feel sad sometimes amma.....but it's ok....I don't want to move back there....I am happy here."

"How do you deal with your sadness then?", I  asked him softly.

"I just don't think about it," he said.

Powerful words! Maybe the key is to silence the mind after it plays out.....and then, to open your heart to what is....right now.

I struggle to deal with feelings like this still. I still struggle  to deal with my reality.

The answer is blowing in the wind I guess....if only we stop, listen and feel it with our hearts and not our minds...if only we could live in the moment like children, and let everything else fade into oblivion...They know how to live. We need to learn that from them.

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