Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I have seasons!

After months and months of being with the iPad for most parts of the day, and even while on our holiday to Coorg recently, Raghav suddenly stopped being on the iPad ever since we got back. He has been poring over books, watching DVDs and talking incessantly about various things. And now, he is setting up his train tracks and Thomas engines as he has thought up of some train game that he wants to play with me.

Out of curiosity, I asked him how he had suddenly stopped the iPad all on his own. "Amma, I just found something more interesting to do now," he said. When I told him that he had his books, DVDs, train tracks and everything else all along and that I had even reminded him of those things, he turned around and said: "Amma, but I need to find something interesting to do myself. You know, I have seasons.....just like the Earth! Some seasons are long and some are short. The DVD season is going to be short, but the iPad season was long!"

Yeah, I guess life is about seasons....some things and people linger around longer with us, while some others don't. Life follows a cycle and a rhythm, which we often don't take notice of. But what a wonderful way of seeing life....What a wonderful way of seeing one's self and the things one does, as being a part of a larger rhythm and pattern!

How many seasons do you have and for how long, do you know?

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