Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cloud watching!

We love cloud watching and in our new house, we have a great view from the balcony that draws us ever so often to stare into the open, endless sky, weave dreams, smile, hold hands and feel a warm love for all of the Universe.

Raghav loves to peep out of the window and name the clouds, or think of them as specific shapes, or warn us of changes in weather (whenever he sees cirrus clouds!) or just simply stand up and say "wow!" with a beaming smile on his face. We love watching reflections of the clouds in the sea or in the backwaters, we love to catch the evening glow in some of them, and love to wonder at what speed a fast-moving cloud must be traveling at! He is also always on the look out for dark rain clouds, to decide whether we have to go out or stay indoors, because he hates the rain on his body!

A little while ago, Raghav was busy playing something on the iPad and suddenly ran up to the balcony screaming:" Hey amma! Look! There's Mexico!"

Well, that was in fact a cloud that was shaped like Mexico! You can take a look and check it out for yourself.....

A few days ago, we chanced upon an interesting programme on Discovery Channel that spoke about "red rain" in some parts of the world - in India (Kerala), Sri lanka and in Columbia. Raghav was very curious about that and how some people thought that it contained organisms (without DNA) that came from outer space. So we Googled more and found out some more information on that. He then told me this: "Amma, you know actually, you don't need clouds like the ones in our atmosphere now to produce the time of the early earth, the atmosphere hardly had any oxygen, only carbon di oxide....and it rained and rained for so many millions of years!...maybe the stromatolites (we all actually owe our lives to these creatures! were already there and they gave out enough oxygen...and then somehow there was already some hydrogen there in the atmosphere, and so they combined to form water and rain!"

I am often amazed at the connections he makes and the theories he makes up! I hate to intervene and "correct" those. I just let them be - to be created and re-modeled and destroyed and re-created all on his own. I love to leave the magic of learning as it is.....untouched, for I believe it is sacred.

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