Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Experiment with Lego

Raghav was so excited yesterday to wake up and see a new Lego on the dresser, waiting for him to open it. It was a Lego that he had wanted for his birthday this year, but my husband had decided that he would surprise him by getting it for him earlier, through some of our relatives who were visiting from the U.S. The smile that lit up his face last morning, lit up our day too.....making us wonder why we give gifts to one another only on special occasions, when everyday could be a gift and everyday could bring us gifts!

Anyway, Raghav was so excited that he got down to building with his new Lego set immediately! He was talking about how challenging it was (the label on the box said that it was for ages 14+), how he wanted to take on the challenge, how shiny the new blocks were and how they looked like metal and not plastic. He also shared how he was wondering how his friend would react when he saw the new Lego.

And then all of a sudden, he came up to me and said: "Amma, do you see the two buffers on this train? They are actually very powerful magnets. I want to see if this one can pull the other if it is 3cm away. Will you watch while I do it and tell me if that is correct?"

"I will, but if you want a very accurate measurement, then maybe you should use something else", I replied.

"Oh! then I need a long ruler", he said and went on to look for one in his room. When he came back, he was all ready with his new experiment with this short video to find out what he did and how!

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