Friday, January 25, 2013

Why I get angry

Yesterday Raghav was playing with his friend from about 5pm till  past 9pm. He was getting hungry and irritable, but wanted to continue playing, even though I offered to give them something to eat while they were busy. He was just lost in his world of  play. It was also getting late for his friend as it was well beyond the time his mother had given him.

Transitions have and continue to be difficult for us to deal with, with Raghav. We are still figuring out how much time he needs to transition from one thing to another, as this time keeps changing all the time. So while we figure out a way to handle this better, there are these bouts of screaming and shouting that happen, that we have to just be with and resolve for ourselves then and later.

So when his friend had to leave, it was very hard for Raghav and he got really angry. He said he was angry and screamed, shook the chair and went off into our bedroom to be alone. My husband went in and they had a long chat that settled things down after a while.

Raghav came out smiling and joking and went on to play by himself, before sitting down to have dinner. My husband then shared this with me -
While they were talking, my husband asked him why he had got so angry. This is what Raghav had to say:
"Appa, I get angry because I want to get rid of my anger!"
A fresh perspective indeed! :)

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