Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today we celebrated Janmashtami and just like the last year, Raghav wanted to dress up as Krishna. These are the few occasions when he likes dressing up! On ordinary days, he doesn't really bother choosing what to wear - anything would do! But today was an extra special day for him - he wanted to wear a green kurta, pajama,  the 'naamam' (mark on the forehead), a crown that he had made last year (checking to see if the peacock feather on it was intact!) and a flute to go in his hand!.....our little Krishna was ready for the day! The rest of the evening was spent prancing around and blowing hard on the flute. He called his grandparents over and also invited his friends, to partake in our small puja and enjoy all the snacks that I had made. Raghav helped me make some of the snacks too - he rolled out small balls for the sweet cheedais.
It was fun to watch him explain to his friends what the celebration was all about and how he liked to dress up as Krishna. There were discussions among the three about how one of them was a Christian and so only celebrated Christmas, did not wear the 'naamam', and so on. While they were eating together, one of them asked if a bag that was hanging on the door was Raghav's school bag. Raghav promptly said that he was homeschooling and that he did not go to school. Soon, there was a heated discussion about school and teachers.... and how even if teachers got angry and scolded them, they liked to go to school because there was playtime and they learnt a lot...questions about why Raghav did not like school.....and Raghav saying how teachers got angry even if they did nothing wrong!.....with the final words from Raghav (for which there was no answer): "I like to homeschool.....because just imagine.....I don't have to go anywhere away from home at all to a place called school! How nice no?!""

Here are some pictures to share the fun that we all had today! :)

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