Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On Peace

We were just getting ready to sleep last night when Raghav suddenly turned to me and asked me -

"Amma, why has God made the earth like this - full of violence, killing, fighting and all that? Why couldn't he have made it peaceful?"
"And amma, why is it that when it is very peaceful and quiet sometimes, a sudden sound or noise comes and disturbs that? Why has He made it that way?"

So I told him this - "Do you really think that the earth is only full of all that Raghav? What about the beautiful sunset that we see everyday when we go down to play, the different clouds that you spot in the sky, the trees, the animals, the sea and so many other things.........aren't they all so beautiful? don't they give you peace? I think we see what we think - so maybe if you start thinking of all the beautiful things that God has created, you will start seeing that more around you....and also, maybe we need to understand and experience all this violence, killing, noise and all that in order to understand what is peace and the other way around."

Now was I talking to myself or him??!Seemed like this was a learning for both of us!

There are no ready made answers to these sort of questions, neither are there any right or wrong ones I think. I realised that every little thing we experience or think about stems from a process that happens within, and that is after all the very purpose of our existence in this world.


  1. These dialogues are gems, Thanks...I'm sure this is the learning that is needed for every child

  2. It's beautiful to have conversations like these... makes us think and makes us learn and relearn along with them! Thanks Priya!


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