Thursday, August 26, 2010

Raghav's dream

Today I asked Raghav about the dream he said he had the night before last about God, and at the end of it, I had tears in my eyes…..tears of joy! many more surprises is this little son of mine going to give me I wonder! He described to me whatever he had visualized in great detail…….this is what he had to say…….
“Amma I dreamt that God was making me!”…..”How did he look Raghav? What did he make you with?” I asked. “ He looked like me amma! And he was making me with a machine……putting me into a shape just like me!”….”a mould like you use with your play dough?” I asked. “Yes amma!....he was putting me into that and making me as I am”…..”and then what did he do?”, I was curious to know. “He became very small and then put me inside you amma – my gift! are my gift amma!” he said with a big smile on his lips! There was a lump in my throat……I didn’t expect that reply at all……I could not hold back my tears…..I hugged him tight and said how much I loved him – that was all I could manage…….I have always told him that he was our special gift from God…..but I never thought he would think about it so much and like this! Kids amaze you with unexpected acts that show clarity of thought and affection that is completely unconditional. They teach you how to live each day fully and joyfully, with mindfulness.
(26th August 2010)


  1. wow, how beautiful! and getting to vicariously experience your parenting stories is a gift to us :) thanks!

  2. Priya, he is blessed and is a blessing... like Siva said, I love reading your posts, there are so many elements of life in it that we simply pass by sometimes...


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