Monday, July 5, 2010

"FLYING FLU!" - How current events shape play!

Raghav was busy with his lego blocks creating an array of he was building a "magic trailer" - that was what he called it! He built a tall structure on the base of the trailer and then added wings on either side..."Amma, it has wings....whenever the driver wants to, he will press a button and the wings will come out...and he can fly wherever he wants to..." "and this tall building has rooms for people to stay.....they can live on the trailer if they like"....."and this is the driver....he has 'flying flu'!....he has a very bad cold and cough..."

I was shocked when he said that and corrected him: "It's not 'flying flu' is 'swine flu'!" He insisted on the former name! Anybody wonder why?

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